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Re: Vulcan Strength Needle Bearing Barbells

Broke the Vulcan Pro in today with some clean & jerk practice, working up to a double at 105kgs. Here are my initial impressions:

At first I was a bit taken aback by the feel of the chrome finish, it seemed slippery and just too shiny! As soon as I chalked up and started lifting though, I started really digging the knurling (which is pretty deep but not sharp), and the springy feel of the bar, especially noticeable on the heavier jerks. The action on the cleans was super smooth and I hardly noticed the bar at all once I started focusing on the movements, which is a definite compliment IMO. I made a slight mistake on one clean and caught it slightly forward, and the easy spin on the bar allowed me to reclaim position with no strain on the wrists.

All in all, this def feels like a high end bar, and is in a different category to than your standard for CrossFit 28.5mm bushing bar.

Looking at the women's bar, it seems like a completely different animal: the knurling is much finer and less textured, although it seems to spin just as nicely and the finish is equally elegant. I will let one of out female lifters test it, though.

Thats all I have for now, but we will likely be doing a side by side comparison with a werksan and an eleiko bar soon - so stay tuned!
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