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Re: HELP! How to get bigger as ectomorph!!!

Alright... it's 9:20am. As of 10:30am my intake will be as follows:

1. oatmeal w/ protein powder
2. banana (on drive to work)
3. Clif Bar covered in 1 tblspn creamy peanut butter

Total Cals: 771
Carbs: 478 (122.6g) - 60%
Protein: 149 (37.5g) - 19%
Fats: 173 (19.2g) - 22%

I plan to go to the weightlifting workout at my box tonight... here's what the workout looks like:

5x2 (2+1) Clean High Pull + Hang Clean (below knee) heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.

5x3 Pause Snatch First Pulls heaviest possible, rest 60-90 sec.

PART 3: For Time
a. Run 200m, 21 HSPU, 21 KB Snatches (70/53#)
b. Run 200m, 15 HSPU, 15 KB Snatches (70/53#)
c. Run 200m, 9 HSPU, 9 KB Snatches (70/53#)

I definitely feel full... This might be harder than I thought! haha. I think it's a good start though. Thanks for all the help!
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