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Hans CFCC Workout/Eating Log

Will catch-up a bit....
First WOD since 12/22/2009?!?! ... pulled my groin kicking up into handstands during 'Diane' then went on vacation, got engaged, got horrible 36-hour flu (bowels completely emptied in ~1 hour, then remained empty for duration)

Anywho... first time doing push jerks.
185xFAILFAILFAILFAIL (couldn't clean it)

Generally felt pretty weak from the flu the week before (lost about 5lbs from the disease-ness), but amazed I put 175# over my head fairly easily... this motivates me to get better at cleaning! Feel like I could have push jerked much more weight... damn I enjoy oly-lifts!
Handstand pushup work
Kicking up into my handstands very reliably now, did some work on freestanding handstands away from the wall. Did 4 negatives. Busted capillaries in my forehead and face ... happens every time

AMRAP 10 minutes
5 pull-ups
7 burpees
got exactly 8 rounds, pull-ups with light band assist
Rest day... had classes all day/afternoon, then cooked up some butternut squash soup from scratch in the evening instead of heading to the gym for double-under goodness
Breakfast: 2oz turkey, 3 eggs, 15 almonds, fishoil supplement, banana
Lunch: 5oz roast beef, banana, 15 almonds
4pm snack: 2oz roast beef, 12 almonds
Dinner: 12 oz milk, 1 cup fat free plain yoghurt w/ 1 banana, dried berries/nuts trail mix and some toasted butternut squash seeds
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