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I had shoulder surgery 1 year ago on Jan. 10.I went in to have a bone spur removed and when the Doctor went in he found not only a bone spur but also a torn labrum and torn rotator cuff which he repaired.Without a doubt the most painful thing I've ever dealt with (physically).However,3 days after surgery I resumed working out.The workouts all revolved around the legs,abs,and one arm exercises.I can list some if you would like.I just strapped my bad wing to my side with the sling they gave me.The Doctor told me I would not be doing HSPU again but he was wrong!:harhar00:I am not only doing HSPU's but I can also strict press 160lbs.Anyway I can do almost all the WOD's as rx'd but I also busted my at therapy and in my garage.Hope this helps.
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