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Jason Steele
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Okay, I've had some major equipment envy (gym equipment, keep your mind out of the gutter). At my wife's "advise" I've narrowed my list down to two things for the ol' home gym. One: GHD, Two: C2 rower. I've got some plans for a homemade GHD, so I will wait on that one. I have spent the last month or so pricing/ stalking C2's on the net (model B and up). Seeing as how I live in BFE (just down the road from Arden) I can't locate any here or the surrounding areas (Richmond, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc) using Ebay, Craigslist or good ol' Google. What I need are some suggestions for getting one at a decent price (i.e. as cheap as possible). Short of selling a kidney or my kids, does anyone have some ideas?
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