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Re: Best barbell for box use?

Here's my opinions FWIW:

1) Rogue makes a great barbell, composite bushings in my experience spin just as well (not that great) as their bronze cousins. Rogue uses cast bushings now as well too so don't expect any Rogue bar to spin a ton unless its a bearing bar. Black zinc coating is what it is, it's going to fade and get ugly no matter what. if you want to avoid that, I'd recommend bright zinc, but even then that will fade, it just won't look as bad as it fade into bare steel. The Rogue 2.0 is a favorite at my affiliate, for some reason people don't care for the Ohio, and people think the Echo bar is expensive because it's bright zinc so they stay away from it.
You're going to pay a little bit more for the Rogue name, but the bars are great, will last, and have resale. Personally, I stocked up on Rogue Bar 1.0's from CL and not a single one is bent, and they all spin great.

2) I would stay away from the Klokov, its stiff and it rusts way too easily. The Team Barbell is a great option, but has very light knurling. Whip is excellent, spins smooth/fast, shaft diameter is 28mm and AF has AMAZING customer service(seriously, if you have any issues, they'll replace your bar without any hassle). Stay away from the Evo bars, they're cheap for a reason, they work okay, but I had some straightness issues with them (I'm thinking reject Team bars). When I had a Team Barbell at my gym, people would gravitate towards it for the light knurl and spin.

3) I had a bushing and currently have a bearing version of the newer 2015 Pendlay bars. They have a new knurl pattern as well as the nickel chrome coating. Knurling compared to the older bars is a little more subdued, but still provides adequate grip, about on par with a Rogue 2.0/Ohio/Echo. The polished chrome finish is super nice, it's 28mm, you can request a very light center knurl which is excellent if you wanted dedicated oly bars, the spin is smooth as butter on both versions and the whip is excellent. For $275 + 10% off, it's almost a no brainer. The only "downside" is that it doesn't come with a PL mark.

4) You've got some other great options nowadays too. If you wanted solid performing US made bars on the cheap, you could check out Wright Equipment. Their bars are cheap, durable, perform well, and have great grip due to their chalkier zinc coating. Just make sure you stay on top of lubricating the bushings. All of my 15kgs are Wright and the ladies seem to like them just fine. I also own the Wright Pro Elite and Elite bars, which are excellent, but I wouldn't have them for general use. Also the FringeSport Bomba bar is similar.

Pure-Strength bars are also very nice and made in the US. The knurling is super light, but people at my gym gravitate towards this bar for that reason. American Barbell also makes very good US made training bars that are 28mm, great spin from composite bushings, have great whip, but don't have PL markings.

FINALLY, if you don't mind import barbells, the Lynx Barbell Hybrid Bearing bar is a blast to use. Spins like crazy, whip is good, grippy but lightish knurl, and seems durable enough so far. I guarantee people going for this bar for the spin alone. Same with the GetRxd Stealth bar, which you can get hard chrome if you wanted the finish to hold up a bit better.

Probably just confused you more with all of that. I go through a ton of barbells, pretty much everything I listed, I use at my affiliate.
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