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Re: Dynamic Effort without accommodating resistance

With accommodating resistance bench is typically:

40-55% straight weight plus 20-30% bands or chains at the top

Top= 60-85% depending on the combination you use.

With squat

50-60% straight weight plus 25% band or chains at the top.

Top= 75-85% at the top.

Therefore, I'd probably try my bench around 60% and see how it moves.

I'd try my squat around 70/75% and see how it moves.

Deadlifts can be as low as 60, but I think you'd be OK in the 70-80% range.

As Jim suggested, see how it goes. If it is moving fast, try a slightly higher weight. If it is moving slow, go down. But it needs to be challenging to be fast, not so light it just bounces up. You need a weight that you have to keep accelerating through.

You might want to look up some stuff that Sam Byrd and Josh Bryant have been doing for CAT (compensatory acceleration training).
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