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Re: Mommy, I want a Crossfit log, too.

Today, we had a **itcon.

For time:
40 DL M135 W95
40 Butterfly Sit-ups
40 DU's (120 singles for me)
40 Split Squat Jumps
40 Toes to Bar
40 MB Recliner Twist M20 W15
40 KB Swings M52 W35
40 Plank Rocks
40 Burpees

We got to choose which exercise we started at, the exception being we had to finish with burpees (the class protested in unison). I went with T2B because they're my absolute favorite, but I took my time with them, I think I lingered for around 4 minutes, which really left the rest of the workout as a party for my forearms. I scaled the swings to 17lbs and deadlifts to 65-75lbs so the workout was survivable with the exception of burpees. I did it in 25:12, not a great time but I'll take it.
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