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Garth House
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That would have been me, before my leg surgery. I had a bunch of veins removed because they were going varicose and my doc was worried about clots. I was laid up for two and a half months, and there is no way I could do it now. I only got 22 rounds when we did it the other day - I've only been back a month. It did help that I had a partner who is like the Energizer bunny. He was always doing something to the WODs that made it far more traumatic than it already was, and it was his idea to wear our entry vests.

On a side note, I know this discussion has come up before, but I found the best method for me to get a good score on a lengthy WOD like this is to pace yourself. I set a goal of say, 50 seconds a round. When I get to the 5 minute mark, then I sell out, as Matt G. puts it.To improve, though, you have to remember what you did last time and decrease your round, say to 45 seconds.
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