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David Wood
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In interests of full disclosure, I have to reduce my claims (above).

I "measured" the rope today . . . to be precise, I counted the number of courses of standard 8" concrete construction block used to build the gym . . . it's only 32 courses floor to ceiling, so that's only 21' 4" . . . not the 30 feet I claimed above (humiliation).

Furthermore, since I start the rope climb in a standing position, not sitting on the floor, my hands are about 6' above the ground to start . . . so the maximum true climb height can't be more than 15 feet, even when I touch the ceiling.

So . . . maybe my "rapid" progress doesn't seem so unreasonable . . . or, alas, so impressive.

Dave (the humiliated)

P.S. Shows how much you can mis-estimate when you want to convince yourself of something . . .
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