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Re: Why do you like Krav Maga?

I've been doing KM for about 14 years now, teaching for 8 and i am passionate about it as I am about CrossFit. Just as i believe that CF is the best general fitness program, I believe that KM is the best in the self defense realm. The beauty of KM is that it's a system that is meant to bring you to a high level of proficiency in a short time as mention in other post. When taught correctly, it should teach you how to access, react, and defend/destroy the immediate treat and the opponent along with learning how to turn on that switch from being nice to all out save your life aggression. I have not been in a real fight in a long time but what i know is that if it does go down, I will have no problem doing what i need to do do save my life. This is how you should feel if you are taking Krav Maga.

Be careful who you train with though.. there are lots of fakers out there just using the Krav Maga name and teaching you their own stuff. Krav Maga is to the point, basic, and anyone should be able to do it. If they do flying armbars.... it's not Krav Maga. It's cool Jits but not Krav

@ Amir - I getting the chance to go to Israel later this year and earn my teaching credential from the Wingate Academy so wish me luck!

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