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I couldn't help but go back a re-read Eugene's notes. From page 3:

"The high intensity (read CrossFit) method is to introduce an anabolic state to the body by a marked elevation of the heart rate because this state is very “pulsetile” which means that it is marked by a substantial increase in the pulse/heart rate. Studies have shown that by loading the heels, the hips and/or the spine an anabolic state is created and growth hormone, testosterone and a cascade of other hormones is produced. Think of all the exercises which seem to create the most substantial systemic response, thrusters, clean and jerk, overhead squat, deadlift…they all load the heels, the hips and the spine. Hmmm, so that’s why they work so well. It is this intensity through training that develops four other general physical skills: Cardiovascular and cardio respiratory endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility."

Travis, consider that last 3 workouts (Diane, Fran & Elizabeth) included Deadlifts, Thrusters and Cleans coupled with body weight exercises: Handstand Pushups, Pullups and Ring Dips for TIME! I can not imagine more heel-loaded, high-intensity movements in 3 consecutive workouts!
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