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Welcome Travis. Don’t worry about being long winded. Trust me you will fit right in.:happy: Anyway, I am a 45 yr old FF and I can tell you that CF has definitely helped to further enhance my overall training and health. Like many others here, my background was pretty solid in the exercise world,…marathons, MA(Martial Arts), weight lifting, cycling, ect. But I must say that I am benefiting greatly from the WODs and other CF activities but also from the nutritional education that I have been introduced to as well. As soon as you can, get “Mastering the Zone” by Dr. Barry Sears. It is the book of choice among us CFers. I am still trying to follow it as closely as possible but if nothing else it has become an excellent guide line and it really is not too hard to follow. It feels good to be able to keep up with and even outlast the 20 something FF on my department. So stick with CF and will definitely improve your fitness and overall health outlook for hopefully the rest of your life. I am in better shape now than I was when I was in my 20s.

BTW: I have found that “DB Thrusters”, “DB Lunges” and “Box Jumps” have been great exercises that are directly applicable towards the type of physical motions required for the FF world. I am on our fire departments "Search and Rescue" team so those exercises are great for running around in and out of burning buildings, going up and down steps as well as dragging or carrying out victims or other fallen firefighters. But make sure that you try and do all the other exercises as time goes on.
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