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Good day all,

Quick question, I have been on the Zone for about 3 weeks and have really tried to stick to the RX with the blocks. I am 4-4-2-4-2 blocks. I am seeing results and I enjoy the program. I actually have fun weighing and measuring. I like getting ready for work and packing my huge lunch bag. I do the WOD 5 on 2 off due to work and scheduling (sp?).

My question is this.

Can I reduce my carbs only to say 3 block instead and keep the fat/protien at 4? I am just going crazy trying to eat all that roughage while staying away from too much fruit. I currently eat on apple/orange/grapefruit etc with each meal. Aside for the expence it is just plain crazy to pop so much down range.

What, if any, side effect will this have on training intensity and trimming down?

PS. I would like to let everyone know that I appreciate all the assistance and support to my success at CrossFit. Thanks
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