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Re: Paleo please check progress..

I took a look at that fitday and yes found it rather confusing. Accorinding to what i tapped in im consuming about 2000 calories a day on the button it seems. When i started on paleo the intention was, was to lose some belly fat. You sure the more i do crossfit i wont get steady increases in strength anyway eating how im eating. I cant say im completely weak i think my main problem could be the lack of knowledge on olympic lifts which lets me down, possibly a form problem. On another note i bench rather better, roughly 110 kg flat and am able to do a fair number of HSPU x 15 - 20max. I think my main issue is i have not been setting goals or recording what im doing so i have downloaded an excel spreadhseet with all the WoD on and hopefully over time i can build up some good data/ history on how my performance is for the relevant workout. This will then push me to do better and better.

On another note,

Appreciating your input Brent / Tyler

many thanks
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