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Re: Paleo please check progress.. WFS- sign up for a free account and you can log your daily food intake. It will break everything down for you, from total calories to macronutrient percentages.

For your weight, those strength numbers are pretty low. I would make that a priority right now. I would try to get about 4000 calories or more a day(gonna be tough, especially with clean food; may want to make up some calories with milk), and take in 1 gram of protein or more per pound of lean body mass(what you weigh minus your body fat).

As far as programming goes, I would probably either follow crossfit football, or pick and choose from the heavy metcon page( wfs), and work in heavy lifts(back squat, deadlift, shoulderpress) and olympic lifts(if possible) as much as possible. Make a workout log and track your progress. Work in a few bodyweight metcons every now and then(angie, barbara...).
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