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Re: Paleo please check progress..

Hi Brent thanks for your feedback, its hard for me to be specific abut goals, it really is. I want to get stronger that is for sure, as im quite weak. my crossfit total the other day was a measily..

DL - 280lb
BS - 200lb
SP - 130lb

Id like to increase all of those for general strength. Id like to test the above again in 2 weeks and see if theres any gains... i suppose aim would be

DL 300lb
BS 225lb
SP 150lb

As for endurance its very hard at the moment, when my shins / calves are right i run approx 6 min a mile. I am practicing lots of skill work at the moment, headstands, double unders , things i am weak at.

Sorry i have no set goals just to increase my endurance and be able to do Angie everytime without getting soo gassed out or even worse sick, which i have been now twice. I want to increase times as i go for each WoD and improve in general. If still vague ill try and dig deeper, on another note...fitday???? what is this?
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