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Paleo please check progress..

Hi folks i need to get this off my chest as im the sort of person who worrys that things could be going wrong constantly. In the UK i train in a commercial gym which has no resemblance to the type of training crossfit requires, im permanently having to sub things to make my workouts work. Most of the guys down our gym generally are only interested in arm curls and beefing up there chest. When i start doing HSPU i get a few frowns as if im some sort of wierdo, but there we go.

Going on from that, i am finding crossfit a very interesting sport / hobby, this is the best fitness i have definately ever done. I still get slightly concerned that my food is not right which then brings me here. I did post recently, about 3 weeks into my paleo diet but now ive been going on it for about 5 weeks now.

First off 5ft 9 ins | 81kg | generally fit looking shape but a bit spongey.

I only do the warmup and the WoD (been doing about 5weeks). I stick to it like glue, my problem in the past has been switching programmes which has been a downfall for me. I run my WoD 1 week behind the main page so i can see whats coming up, sometimes i may put a ME DL in there if i know whats coming.

A typical day :

6am gym ( warm up then WoD), i may sometimes do some skill work or strengthen my calves, turns out i have bandy legs and sodding weak calves. Get serious pains in my shins, but am working on getting calves stronger.

7.15AM Breakfast...

3eggs, 3rachers bacon, pine nuts, half an onion and some chives.

at works for 8am

10ish...beef jerky ( not got weight on me) and some fruit ( banana , apple and grapes generally). Some times i may not have the beef jerky and itll be fruit only.

1pm..Salad with either a tin of tuna or 2 chicken breasts. I try to get some nuts in the box too ( walnuts for example).

6pm.. Home for Dinner...always high protein ...beef, lamb or chicken with tons of veggies.

Of an evening i have to admit i lapse a bit...there is always a chance i may have a rich tea biscuit or2 and a tea with milk , yes i know not good.

On another note i mainly drink water all day.

My aim is to be extremely fit, there was a time when abs mattered and although i would love them im more than happy to just be super fit now. After watching many crossfit games heats now thats where id like to be and im sure the body will follow.

Im not really sure what i would like you to say or respond like...maybe some reassurance things are looking right, is the diet ok or should there be even more protein in there? If im too vague please tell me and ill try and elaborate a bit more. For now it is 23.15pm and work looms in the morning so i apoligise if this doesnt make huge sense now ZZzzzz.
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