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Re: CrossFit Wichita Falls Programming

Originally Posted by Kevin Perry View Post
Wrong, Front Squats will not "mess" up back squat technique. I frequently front squat and back squat heavy on the same day that I clean and work snatches.
Obviously, it's dependent on the experience one has with the lifts. Rip (and Justin, I'm assuming) uses the low-bar position on squats, not sure if this has something do with it.

I took the comment as directed to someone inexperienced with the back squat. Either way, your post prompted me to find the quote so others don't have to dig for it (emphasis mine):

Originally Posted by Justin Lascek View Post
Oh look, a real question.

Hey Graeme,

The primary reason for power cleans to be used over cleans (or squat cleans, or full cleans) in a general strength program for a novice is that the front squat portion of the clean will ruin the kinesthetic sense that is learned from back squatting correctly. When the back squat is being learned, it's awful to try and front squat during this period because then the back squat starts having front squat mechanics -- and this will ruin any potential hip drive, and thus be an unuseful movement.

Aside from that, the power clean is caught higher, and thus will have to be jumped higher. More of a jump means that more motor units are being recruited which increases neuromuscular efficiency.
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