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Re: CrossFit Wichita Falls Programming

Originally Posted by Alex McRobie View Post
any other reason that i could not add in a front squat?
my goal from doing this program (if i do switch to it) will be to improve in crossfit and all lifts, my front squat is currently one of my biggest weaknesses.

also if adding a front squat is ok, i could do it one of two ways:

1. use it instead of one of the back squat days


2. replace it in one of the power clean days, by this i do not mean doing a squat clean, i mean doing a power clean...pause at the top...doing a front squat and then lowering to the ground for the next rep

Justin and anyone else what are your thoughts?
Why not try the program as written before you modify it? When you change it, it's no longer the program.

1. What's your current BS and FS? Your FS will most likely go up with your BS poundages.

2. The exercises and their variants were chosen for a reason, Justin has already gone over this in the thread.

Just out of curiousity, what will bringing up your FS do that increasing your BS won't in your case?
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