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Tyler Hass
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Announcing the EXF Rings

I'm very excited to let all of you know that I have just launched the new EXF Rings. They are the next generation of gymnastics rings with some great new features and an entirely new mounting system. One of the big new features is the multi-textured surface. It now has the same texture as the Elite II's, plus the rough surface found on competition rings and other companies' rings and a new non-slip rubberized surface. It has a much higher coefficient of friction, so it is great for muscle-ups.
My favorite new feature is the mounting system. You can now set up the rings in about 5 seconds! You no longer have to fiddle around with any buckles before your workout. And they even stay at the same length as your previous workout. Plus, there are measurements printed on the straps, so adjusting the height is quicker and easier. You no longer have to waste any time making sure the rings are level.
You can pre-order the EXF Rings here: (wfs)
We will be shipping them by the end of this week. And we are going to keep the free shipping offer going until Friday night. Our inventory might be a bit tight, so it's first come, first serve. My manufacturer is going to try hard to keep up with the demand and we'll do everything possible to get everyone their new rings in a timely manner.
You can also check out some of the blog posts I have written for more detailed info on the new features: (wfs)
I started my business out of a dorm room 6.5 years ago. I owe a huge thanks to everyone in the CrossFit community for all of their support in helping me take it this far. I hope the EXF Rings exceed all of your expectations.
Tyler Hass (wfs)
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