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Re: A question regarding the CrossFit workout template and WOD with another question

Originally Posted by Andrew Chong View Post
The question i have is if, on single-element days, can i do a workout like 'Cindy'? Is the number of elements or type of element more important?(in 'Cindy' all the elements are G). On the workout template it seems that the number of elements coincide with the type of element. i.e on a three element day, one of the workouts consists of WM and G.

Thus, would it mean structuring a workout pattern based on type of elements or number of elements? It does mention that single element days for G, for example, should be focussed on a highly complex skill. However, i am unsure as to which is of higher priority- the number of elements or the type of elements; regardless of how many there are? (if the type of elements are more important, then would it would mean that the workout posted on December 19 2008, Friday 081219, which consists of 7Gs and 3Ws is actually a two-element day, considering that only two types of elements are in use?)

Another question i have is if, for example, i practice kipping after a workout, should i still do kipping as part of the next day's workout if kipping so happens to be posted as part of the WOD for that day?

(I apologise for the long post and title; but i can't quite come up with something shorter. Also, thanks to Ms. Kelly Moore for directing me to the message board)
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