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Jeffrey Marshburn
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I just started CrossFit with the WOD on 19 February and I have been able to stay on the 3/1 since. On today's WOD I could not even do one single pull-up due to what feels like muscle fatigue. My regular set of pull-ups is 10-12 dead-hangs. This has been getting progressively worse since the WOD on 20 Feb (Tabata Something Else) really put a smokin' on me and I haven't really recovered (I think). My question is... should I continue to train the muscle group? Like today I substituted lat pull-downs (with a whopping 60lbs - all I could manage)for pull-ups. Or should I lay completely off the whole pull-up muscle group until I get nearly back to normal. My concern is that now that I have gotten into the rhythm of doing the WOD's I don't want to break that. I absolutely love CrossFit and only wish that up here in Alaska there were working this. Someone please!! :-) I appreciate any help that anyone could give me here!
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