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Re: Fran ?

Ryan, to attempt to answer your question, yes Fran is sometimes (probably a few times a year) the WOD. Cindy comes up about as often, and others of the "girls" come up regularly although probably a bit less frequently.

Think of Fran as being a little like doing 4 x 200m and 2 x 100m sprints with virtually no recovery. Do that all out and you'll have very little left in the tank. Do it at 3/4 pace, with a bit of recovery thrown in, and it's not so menacing.

Done as a "sprint", it's really much much harder than it looks on paper if done that way. For most people, doing 3 Frans in a workout would probably mean that they hadn't approached it as a sprint and so in a sense are doing a different workout from that intended.

Like Herm says, do the warm-up, do Fran as hard as you can. If after recovering you want to do more, feel free! You might find though that something like some bike riding would be enough to fill in the time.
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