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David Wood
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What kind of weight can you (or anyone else, for that matter) put up in a one-hand BARBELL snatch?

I can do 135 (two-handed) for maybe 2 reps, and I've done a one-handed DUMBBELL snatch with 80 lbs for 5 or 6 reps . . . always going for at least that many reps, so I have no idea what I could do for a single.

But I really doubt I could control a loaded barbell with more than 50 lbs . . . crappy grip strength.

What kind of form adjustments do you have to make? And other than the truly phenomenonal grip and forearm workout it must provide, what else does the barbell version provide beyond the DB version?

(Not intending to be a smartass, or disrespectful . . . just trying to figure out how much priority I should be giving it).

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