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I'm not a CrossFit veteran, but I have managed my diet through several deliberate changes over the last twelve years. The books that the others mentioned are good sources of information and guidance, but they won't provide motivation beyond telling you the benefits of the diet.

If watching what you eat is really difficult, the first step might be to ask yourself why. Eating well is a shift in how you think about food. Most people think about food in the same way that most people think about TV. Eat (or watch) what you like, when you like, as much as you like. If it feels good or it's convenient, do it.

Once you introduce dietary discipline, you will think about food more like you think about drugs. Some will help. Some will hurt. You'll learn what's right for you through a combination of self-education and experience. This is true for even the least restrictive diet: you still must think about what you're eating.

My mother has a sign in her cabinet that says: "Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels". I would guess that this silly mantra represents the thinking of many people on this message board who--like me--experimented with food and realized that it could make them stronger, happier, more energetic, healthier, more attractive, etc.
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