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I have looked at the sites workouts and I don't know about you guys but to me it just seemed like a bit too much. I think I could do a day of crossfit but, three straight days would be tough. I'm sure that the crossfit workouts wouldn't be too much for an MMA fighter but for a jiu-jitsu competitor it could be a lot. I'm not saying that crossfit is not effective or anything like that because I don't know a lot about weight training, strenth training, etc.

I have also heard from a lot of guys how much crossfit has helped them, guys like BJ Penn, Cameron Earle, Garth Taylor. I just wanted to know how crossfit gives bjj guys good gas(what i mean is never getting tired in a match) without running too much. I see your workouts and it doesn't have a lot of long distance running to it just a lot of sprints. Is that the key to getting good gas? Doing more sprints. Sorry if i have a lot of questions but to summarize what i typed my two questions are
1. Should i do more sprints than running 2-3 miles to make my gas better
2. Isn't crossfit too much to do everyday?

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