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Re: What is CrossFit's "300" workout

If you want to really show people what CrossFit is, tell them to do Cindy, and aim for 20 rounds... Sounds so easy... Until you puke on round 6.

Re: Barry
The "300 Workout" is a CrossFit-esque workout that has exactly 300 reps, which some of the cast of the movie "300" did at the end of their training. It's an easy Filthy Fifty...

* 25 pull-ups
* 50 deadlifts at 135 pounds
* 50 push-ups
* 50 box jumps with a 24-inch box
* 50 "floor wipers" (a core and shoulders exercise at 135 pounds)
* 50 "clean and press" at 36 pounds (a weight-lifting exercise)
* 25 more pull-ups -- for a total of 300 reps
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