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Shaun Gross
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Re: Shaun's workout log

Monday 27 May 2019

Practice for a partners comp next weekend
2 metcons with 1 min rest

A1 - 21/15/9 of C2B pullups + 50kg powerclean and jerk
1 min rest
A2 - 21/15/9 of T2B + 15/12/9 of 50kg powersnatch

-Partners must hold barbell in a front rack when "resting" while other partner on pullup bar
-Partners must rest in a pullup bar hang while other bar on barbell

5ish mins
4:30ish mins

C2B - in a set of 11 first round, then 3s and 2s
Powerclean and jerks - all 5's
Powersnatches - 5s, 7, 5

Holy grip!!! Lungs and legs were OK, I just couldn't hold on to the bar..
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