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Re: Crossfit Open 2016

I think that it would be cool to have the public pick one of the workouts. Really doesn't matter to the top pro's they can do anything very well. But sometimes its nice to have a say in the workout.

One of the comps I did you could have a pick of each of the following-
1 min worth of:
Bar mu- 3 points
C2B - 2 points
Pull ups- 1 points

Next min:
Pistols- 3 points
1 leg squat to box- 2 points
Air squat - 1 point

Next min:
4" deficit hspu- 3 points
HSPU- 2 points
HSPU with 2 ab mats- 1 point

Next min:
70# kb- 3 points
53# kb - 2 points
35# kb- 1 point

They also had a ladder-
Clean- 1 point
Clean and Jerk- 2 points
Snatch- 3 points

The ladder went from 135-275.. was cool snatch then clean and jerk.

Crossfit could do something like that. They would have to really do some testing to make sure that things were fair.

Then strategy would come into the process.

Everyone attacking the workouts in a different way.

But I would be surprised if they let us have a say in matters.

The Double DT or Heavy DT.. that was cool. But if they do this again they should give us more notice and advertise it more. I don't like DT much so I did not really care. When I first saw it I thought the athlete picked 2DT or Heavy DT.. now that would have been cool.
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