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Unathleticism & Dynamic Lifts

Ok, guys. I've posted some videos of a friend here before to get feedback. He more or less refuses to go get coaching, so I try to take a look at his lifts for him on occasion and point out anything glaring I see. He sent me this video today of him doing a WOD from (WFS). It's a PC/FS/Jerk complex EMOM. He's doing it at 105#. This shouldn't be a heavy weight for him. He back squats 300, front squats 245, presses 135-140.

As soon as you put a dynamic movement in front of him, it looks awful. Cleans (extremely early elbow bend, lacking full extension on the 2nd pull, dropping into a half squat unnecessarily), snatches, jerks. You can see in this video that he just looks....bad. I'm not sure why he has so many problems jerking 105# since he presses significantly more than that. I feel like there are so many things to correct that I don't know the best place to tell him to start (besides continuing to insist that he go get a few 1-on-1 sessions with a USAW certified coach). What advice would you give based on the video (link below)? He claims it's all b/c he's unathletic. I say there are plenty of unathletic people who crossfit who do fine with cleans and jerks (snatches gets a little harder w/o some innate athleticism, but still). (WFS)
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