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Re: Feedback on new website


I think the site looks excellent - great job. I was able to find all of your contact info easily, your drop in policy, etc.

One small nit, and one suggestion:

Nit: You have a banner link at the bottom to The WOD Life (I think this is your site as well) The text font colors on the brownish background make it impossible for me to read it.

Suggestion: I clicked through to your Facebook page (500+ likes - great job) - You might want to include the Facebook Plugin that shows the number of likes, a few faces of your fans, and an inline way to "Like" your facebook page without leaving your site. Since you have so many fans, it is great "Social proof" that you guys are legit - And also the visitor may see a face they recognize which is even better validation. Let me know if you aren't sure what I am talking about.

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