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Re: Affiliating worth it?

Originally Posted by Chris Cooper View Post
Don't know about you, Brian, but 3k every year, all at once, would be a large expense for me. For the first year ever, we financed our insurance rather than pay a lump sum, and I'm much more comfortable with it. Financing rates are low; why NOT lower the barrier to entry for new Affiliates? You and I didn't face a 3k Affiliate fee on the first day without an asset to match.
My main reasoning is there are easier ways to do it, or at least smarter for a new affiliate, like I said on a credit card, IF you are smart about it, and pay it off. It offers more flexibility, which is something very important to a business owner.

Second, it's already easy enough to become an affiliate. Besides all the rah, rah cream rises to the top; it's still an issue since credentialing, and quality control are not there. Sure this is true with almost all personal training done in the gym setting, however they don't all share the same name as mine(ie. CrossFit). I'm a chiropractor too, so I know full well how a bunch of zealous idiots can make it much less likely that for someone to decide against coming to our facility; or said chiropractor.
It's the same with body shops that rip people off, leaching lawyers, etc. It happens in every profession, HOWEVER, they do not all have the same verbage in their business name(CrossFit). I love what we do, and will always support this community, but I'm one for making the entry harder, not open to everbody with some time, and $1,000....and some financing for their affiliate fee
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