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Re: Affiliating worth it?

Originally Posted by Brad Gerbrandt View Post
Why is it dumb?

I say +1 for the financing option!

The first year we just pony'ed up, now it would be nice to have it worked in as a monthly expense verses a big bill all at once.

That's what banks are for! Get a loan from a bank and add $3000 to that.

Or wouldn't it be more economical if money is that tight to get a credit card, business or personal, and pay for the affiliate fee on that? There are hundreds of company's offering 0% or other low percentage interest rate for 6-18 months depending on the borrowers credit. This way, if money is tight at the start, you can pay a minimum, and on a more profitable month, you can pay off more faster. These are not options given to you when you finance something.

Do you know how many affiliates will not be able to pay the affiliation fee each month? Then what happens. They'll give you 30-60 days to catch up? And now CF becomes a bank. I'm guessing the application process will be pretty simple given the small amount of that's being financed. And they are only financing a trademark name, nothing tangible. When the affiliate can't pay, HQ sends a letter that you can no longer use the CF name. NOW, all their marketing material and most importantly whatever brand/awareness they have created for themselves needs to change since they'll need to change their name.
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