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Hey Zach,

I have the book and read it a couple of times. I understood the points Hofmekler was making supporting it but found it to be too general. My interpretation was that the diet advocates a modified fast during the day with a full, satiating meal in the evening. Thats nice in one respect that you just don't have to put forth the time and effort during a busy day trying to squeeze in 4-5 meals.

I found it to be a little inconsistent in that the diet does recommend "snacks" throughout the day like juices, nuts, protein shakes. That seems to be the same thing as just having small meals to keep energy and metabolic rate up. The Warrior Diet approach though doesn't have any balance in these snack meals. They're just all carbs or all fats. I don't see the benefit nutritionally. I think I needed to see a more comprehensive approach to the diet as it seemed very "scattershot". By this I mean there is a long list of various supplements, pills, and potions that are suggested without any studies or source material to support it. The author does look like a lean machine though for sure.

More telling than just my reading the book and speculating on its content is, have I tried it? Yes, I gave it an open-minded shot trying to be as exact as possible. It just didn't work for me as I found things like the juicing to be a hassle as well as of suspect nutritional value, the other snack suggestions to be too little, and the one big meal at the end of the day too much.

The Zone approach works better for me as it feeds the metabolic fire a little at a time all day. Combined with Paleo foods I've never felt better and lost 20 lbs. of fat since March.

Just one guys opinion. I did enjoy reading it, especially the historical segments. Several of the exercise recommendations are good too. Anyone advocating pullups, deadlift, and C&J's ain't too bad.
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