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Re: Kristie does 30 Days in "Paleo Lockdown"

Originally Posted by Kristie Willhoit View Post
Thanks for checking in, Brittany! It's always awesome to have some feedback on the boards. =D


The canned pumpkin is easy - I just spoon about half the can in a bowl and pop it in the microwave to warm it, then stir in some cinnamon and some nuts or seeds (sunflower, pistachio, sliced almonds - so far my fave is pistachios). It's like dessert!
That. sounds. friggin. AWESOME! I am totally adding canned pumpkin (and coconut milk) to my grocery list. Mmmm.

So what's the deal with almond butter? It has more calories per tablespoon than PB, approximate fat...I wonder why PB is more satisfying. I need to expand my nut butter experience -- I've never had anything but PB. I feel a trip to the Whole Foods is in my future.
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