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Re: Kristie does 30 Days in "Paleo Lockdown"

Originally Posted by Laura Kurth View Post
Hey Kristie - looks like your new challenge is going well so far!
So far, so good; no cravings even! (but it is only Day 4...)

Wow! You look quite different out of snowbarding gear!

Originally Posted by Laura Kurth View Post
You don't really need to eat carbs with breakfast if you don't want to, you could just have an omelet/crustless quiche with veggies in it. If you have enough protein & fat, it shouldn't be a problem having lower carbs.
I'm trying to become less of a Zone freak, lol! I've run out of veggies to sautee and eggs, so I may just try eating turkey sausage for breakfast tomorrow and a piece of fruit and see how that does...

Originally Posted by Laura Kurth View Post
So you are used to peanut butter with salt? I prefer my PB with no salt anyway but there is certainly a big difference between peanut and almond butters. I find the almond butter more 'sticky'? but I like both. I eat peanut butter more often because I stir it into my oatmeal and almond butter just isn't as good like that.
I am used to salted peanut butter. I was just buying the Smuckers natural stuff in a jar, and it has salt, have yet to try the grind-it-yourself stuff at the natural food store. Bad memories of having to force it down in childhood, lol. I get what you mean about the almond butter; it's not as smooth/ stirrable as peanut butter. I tried adding it to my oatmeal once, and just ended up with chunks of almond butter.

Originally Posted by Laura Kurth View Post
For the coconut flakes, you could maybe venture into doing some paleo baking, there are some good recipes out there using coconut flour, and you could sprinkle the flakes into the batter. Another option would be perhaps to make your own ice cream from coconut milk. Or, sorbet - blend a bag of frozen mangoes with a can of coconut milk, you could put the flakes in with this concoction.

Or, for another treat you could melt some extra dark chocolate with a little coconut oil, coconut flakes etc. and then freeze it to firm it up.
Paleo ice cream?? I must investigate! I tossed some coconut flakes with some slightly thawed cherries as one of my carb blocks for dinner last night - quite tasty! But ice cream and sorbet sound waaay better. I will definitely add coconut milk to my grocery list. Thanks!
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