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Re: Kristie does 30 Days in "Paleo Lockdown"

Originally Posted by Brittany Warren View Post
Just checking in so I can follow your progress.
Thanks for checking in, Brittany! It's always awesome to have some feedback on the boards. =D

I checked out your log and I'll be checking in with your progress as well! Good luck with the no-carb attempt. It was tough the first time I did it - I think the first few days were OK, then Days 4-8/9 were really hard, but after that, no problem. Just keep perservering, because if ever you give in to the craving, that time frame starts over!

Originally Posted by Brittany Warren View Post
I noticed that you seem to have a different reaction to carbs than me. I've taken carbs out of my breakfast because they make me too hungry! If I eat fruit with breakfast, I'm tearing people's arms off by lunch. Funny, because until I started eating paleo-ish, I thought I tolerated carbs well. Vegetables don't provoke the same reaction, so maybe it's the sugar. Meh.
It depends on the carbs I eat...if I have fruit, I have to limit it to only 1 Zone block. I could only eat oats as my carbs and that would keep me full as long as I increase my fat blocks. But no oats allowed.... Vegetables...I'm having a really hard time getting 3 blocks of vegetables down in the morning so I usually undereat them and then get hungry! I'm trying not to be neurotic about it and just eat some nuts if I do get hungry, and I'm sure I'll adapt from Zone-freak to Paleo after a few days... Lol.

Originally Posted by Brittany Warren View Post
I miss oats too. I noticed you're eating canned pumpkin -- how do you normally prepare that? I love pumpkin.
The canned pumpkin is easy - I just spoon about half the can in a bowl and pop it in the microwave to warm it, then stir in some cinnamon and some nuts or seeds (sunflower, pistachio, sliced almonds - so far my fave is pistachios). It's like dessert!

Originally Posted by Brittany Warren View Post
Good luck with the rest of the month! I'm really impressed with what you're doing here. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, you too, Brittany! I subscribed to your thread, so keep posting and give me something fun to read. (by the way, yes you can count your max DL as a bodyweight lift. )
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