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DAY 3 04.22.09 Wednesday

530am med1 with 8 oz water

Headache, 6/10. Prob due to not getting enough sleep (went to bed at 11). I don't think these meds are working, and I think they're messing up my sleep patterns. I haven't gotten to bed by 9 in almost 2 months (since I started taking it).

546am 8 oz water

604am 6 oz water

620am 6 oz water

615am-630am "Breakfast" (WFS)

7am 6 oz water

805am Intramax with 8 oz water

940am 6 oz water

10/1015am stomach growling a little, but went away quickly (couldn't eat; I was working with a client)

1045am med1 with 8 oz water.

1145am "Snack"

1154am 6 oz water

1255pm 6 oz water

205pm Intramax with 8 oz water
Hungry! But at doctor's office, I have about 30 minutes 'til I can eat...

313pm 6 oz water

315-415pm "Lunch"

410pm med1 with 8 oz water
Oh my God my belly is SO full! I felt full after just eating the fish and eggplant!

540pm 6 oz water

645pm 6 oz water

750pm 6 oz water

830-9pm "Dinner"

854pm med2 with 6 oz water

Commentary on the day...
After taking meds this morning, headache subsided to ignorable, so I guess the meds are working after all!

No WOD today; Wednesday is my off day because my schedule doesn't allow me time to workout. I've been reviewing my schedule to see if I can change it to fix that. Since I seem to have so many days lately where I don't get a WOD in because of headache, pain, illness, work, etc., I want to free up as many days as possible so when I DO want to - I wanted to knock out Angie minus squats (jacked up hamstring = no squats, even air squats ) today - I have the time.

Foods kept me full and satisfied all day. The only hunger I felt was when I had to wait at the doctor's office and I couldn't eat lunch. But the amount of time from eating my snack and becoming hungry was reasonable.

I've gone back to proportioning my meals in Zone ratios; I just prefer it for packing my cooler for being away from home all day instead of just throwing a bunch of protein and vegetables in to munch on at will.

Once again, almond butter is NOT as satisfying as peanut butter! I may try adding some salt to it to see if that's the problem...
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