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DAY 2 Tuesday April 21

Today sucked, even though food intake was all paleo (except maybe canned pumpkin?).

I've felt depressed all day. I think it's the headache meds I've been taking. It has a stimulant in it and I think it has a rebound crash effect that makes me listless and lethargic. Which is probably why I end up taking 3 a day, to get pepped back up again. Just what I need, dependency on a stimulant. For all the side effects this med causes, I should just go back to espresso.

Exacerbating the down-in-the-dumps attitude is an all-day moderate-grade headache (probably because I only took one dose of meds instead of my usual 3), intense pain in my right hamstring attachment radiating to a deep ache all the way down to the back of my knee and down the IT band, asthma symptoms, and not doing the WOD.

6am got up, took 1st med1 with 8 oz water
615am 8 oz water
630am 6 oz water
645am 6 oz water
645am-7am "Breakfast" WFS

730am stomach issues from meds. So sick of side effects.
8am 6 oz water
9am 6 oz water
940am impatient, irritable. I need to get more sleep so I can determine whether this irritability is fatigue-, med-, or stress-related.
949am hungry, lethargic
1004am hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry!! Breakfast not enough carbs? Didn't add fat blocks. Duh!

10:45am "Snack2"
Not really hungry, but won't be able to eat for more than an hour.

1:15pm "Lunch"
Lunch was too filling, had a hard time getting it all down. Need to find some less bulky carbs that give enough carb load but aren't fruit.

4:45pm "Snack3"
Had to grab a quick snack before heading to grocery store so I don't impulse shop!

6:15pm "Snack4"
They finally fixed the fresh almond butter grinding machine, woo hoo! Ate about 2 tablespoons in the car on the way home. Impulse buy: Endangered Species 72% dark chocolate/raspberry bar for Saturday night cheat. Is "cocoa butter" dairy? I also bought some unsweetened coconut flakes. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I'm excited about having it!

7:15pm "Snack5"
Almond butter isn't nearly as satisfying as peanut butter. Must be the salt because after eating a couple handfuls of roasted/salted nuts, that took care of my lack of satiety.

7:45pm "Dinner"
Pretty much had to force down what little I ate, then wondered why I was forcing myself to eat when I wasn't hungry. So I stopped eating.

9:48pm Getting to bed late again. Have to be up at 5/530. Hmpf.

Commentary on the day:
I'm feeling a little lost without the guidance of the Zone proportioning. I get that Paleo is supposed to be less strict - if you're hungry, eat! But I'm finding it difficult to just throw down some nuts or fruit without thinking I need to make it a Zone snack, which is difficult to do when I'm not planning my meals in advance to be in Zone portions. It may just make it easier on me to go ahead and plan to do Paleo Zone when I'm packing my cooler for the day, and just do the eyeball/eat as much as I want method when I'm having dinner with my husband/eating out. But pack some extra blocks if I get hungry.

So far no cravings for non Paleo items. I think an entire week and a half of eating crap cured me of it for the time being. Even the chocolate bars sitting on my kitchen table isn't overly enticing. Probably because (1) I know I can have it Saturday, and (2) I'm stuffed on nuts and eggplant. And (3) I'm having a "fat day" because I didn't work out. Bleah. Although, I do kind of miss my oats already, but that's more because I'm having a hard time figuring what kind of carbs to eat with breakfast besides fruit.

And I vowed to make this log less whiny and more positive. Ha.

Boo, depressive state.
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