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Re: Deadlifts: drop or put down?

Originally Posted by Geoff Archibald View Post
I will never enter a power lifting comp so comp standards don't really matter to me. I know I *could* lower my max lifts, I'm just not sure it's worth it. I deadlift as a supplemental exercise, not to have a strong deadlift. Negatives are used in other lifts as a strength training tool so I could really be missing out. I may just be falling prey to the old deadlift back injury paranoia although quite a few people in my gym jacked their backs in a WOD with deadlifts.
What type of work were they doing, strength or metcon? My lower back feels torched after doing a bunch of deadlifts in a metcon, much moreso than doing a max sep of five reps. A metcon is where form can go to crap in order to get a faster time, which has a higher chance of resulting in injury.
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