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Carl Pawluk
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Re: 400m time guidelines

I'm with Scott.

I've only been doing 400's on a treadmill at the Y and my time is 2:15. I'm pretty sure I'd have a faster time on the track, but I'm not sure. That being said, I think putting 2:15 in the "untrained" category is a little much.

To me, the times in each category should be much more broad. I've been CFing for a couple of months and would say that I'm way above average as far as fitness goes and there's no way I could maintain sub 2 min. 400's.

Keep in mind, that there are hundreds if not thousands of CFers that train everyday and aren't fleet afoot. I don't think those people deserve a category titled "untrained". Not all CFers are 20 years old either.

Based on age, weight, etc. I would say that a sustained 2 min. 400 is satisfactory. I'm not saying that my times are satisfactory, because I've got a lot of room for improvement.

Try polling the forum on what exactly each of us are running 400's in. Maybe I'm slower than I thought, but I would bet there's a pretty wide range of times.

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