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Re: Evening Workouts

I think this is a personal thing and there is no right or wrong with working out late but it does depend on what you put your body through.

If you really push yourself hard and you build up allot of adrenalin then you may have problems getting to sleep or it may actually cause you problems during your sleep.

I have trained Kyokushin karate for 7yrs and we worked out late in the evenings and during those 7 years I think I did not sleep well for maybe 4 of them. My body would take kicks and punches which in turn raised the adrenalin levels to really high as the body needs it to defend itself... so it took ages for this to get back to normal thus trying to get to sleep was an issue or if I got to sleep it never felt as if I had slept a good night even though I slept for 8 hours.

Now I have also worked out in the gym early in the morning for over 20years and the past 2 years doing CF. I sleep so much better at night, never any issues apart from being tired now and then in the morning as we get up at 05.20 and hit the gym at 06.00.

So I think you need to try it out, see what happens, make a decision as to if this works for you or not, does it affect your sleep and should you continue in the evenings.

The only person that can decide this is you.

That's my 2 on the subject
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