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Post-workout malaise?

Hello, all--

Anyone ever have this problem? Specifically, after a workout--even a moderate one, after having rested a couple of days--a general feeling of achiness/fatigue, and not the good "ah, my muscles feel good and tired" kind?

I've had this happen in the past, when I was training too hard, but come on, I just had my first workout today in about a week, which went like this (hope this is not too much/too little info):

One week of mostly on-my-butt vacationing and so-so (but not terrible) eating. For a week I've been over the mild cold I had for a few days.

Bed last night at 9:30. Up this morning at 4:30. 8 ounce fruit smoothie, prepared lovingly by my wife.

Workout at the "Y", from 5 AM until 5:45 AM:

- 12 minutes warmup on the elliptical, easy pace
- Variety of weight machines and pullups/chinups - 25 minutes or so. Easy effort, no maxing out--wanted to start easy.
- Breakfast of cereal w/milk and fruit, dry toast, OJ, coffee.

I did this routine for several months, 4 - 5 days a week, at much harder exercise levels. If I pushed too much, I'd get the yucky feeling which I assumed was from overtraining, and I'd back off, and be fine.

But what's wrong with me now? One easy workout after a full week off, and I feel like crud again? Please help!

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