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Knee Problem

Hey everyone,

For the last 8 years I've had problems with my right knee. Every now and then I will "tweak" it and tightness and inflammation would follow. Recently I was doing deadlifts and heard a small "pop." It wasn't the holy crap, hit the floor because I just ripped my ACL in half kind of pop. It was just a small pop that was followed by tightness and inflammation. I even finished the workout, applied RICE, and was good to go.

However, last Wednesday I was doing squat cleans and felt the same pop and the immediate tightness and imflammation. I figured it was the same as before and finished my workout. I even ran 5k the next day and applied RICE afterwards. About 3 days later the tightness and inflammation didn't go away. I was really worried that I messed something up bad, but now after a week of uneasiness while walking, tightness, inflammation, and limping I seem to be getting back to normal. I ran 5k today and my knee felt pretty good.

My question is what could it be? I figure if it was something serious I would be in a lot more pain. I hear that ACL and other ligament tears are very painful. Maybe a tight ligament scrapping across a bone? I wasn't warmed up as well as I should have been during that workout. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!
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