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Hey, thanks for the replies:

Paul: Externally things were appearing to be pretty OK, so I was sort of shocked when he said I needed surgery. My #1 goal is to have the injury heal properly, and if I can do that through rest and rehab then I would much rather choose that route over surgery.

Rene: I was practicing OHS for the first time with a grip that was too narrow, and weight definitely too heavy. My arms were extended and I lost balance/stability in my right shoulder and I dropped the bar right in front of me. I kept holding on for some reason and it twisted my right arm around very quickly. I never experienced pain before on overhead lifts, and I am pretty sure that this injury is do to me not letting go of the bar like I should have. The moral of the story, for me at least, is to always practice with a light weight to ensure both good form (balance) and to have experience dropping the bar when stuff goes wrong.
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