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Hi Ari,

Welcome to the message board! (IIRC, you're already posting your WOD outcomes regularly).

Just curious, has anyone else had a similar injury? And what did you do for WOD's until your knee could handle the O lifts or squats required?
I'd suggest using the O-lifts and the movements in the WOD AS therapy. Reduce loads and/or speed of movement if necessary. This is the approach I used post ACL surgery and I'd estimate it halved my scheduled recovery time (6 months down from 12). Someone asked about my knee while I was at my 1st Crossfit seminar in October. I hadn't thought about it for a long time until that point and realized then that I was still supposed to have 2 more months or so before 'normal' activity. IIRC, the person asked shortly after we got done with 'Fight Gone Bad' which, as you probably already know, involves box jumps, rowing, wall-ball, etc. - none of which bothered the knee.

Hope this helps. Heal well.

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