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I know that this has probably been talked about already, but I can not find it in a search. I want to purchase a rower but do not want to spend the $800 or more to get one. The local fitness supply store has a magnetic model that is about $250. I have sat on it and it felt like it would be ok for my wife, son (9 y/o) and I to use at home in our garage gym. This is about all that we lack. We have the rings, a "Power Station" PU/Dip/L Sit unit, medicine balls, slam balls, paralettes, free weights and olympic bars, large tractor tire, 50' length of fire hose "3 inch". Is the magnetic system going to crump on us with our use at home or is it not going to give us the same workout? Any help would be appreciated. Cost is the biggest concern now. Yeah, I would really rather have the Concept2 model but I am finding it hard to justify the increase in cost.


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