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Wade Walden
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Just getting started in South Carolina

Hi all,
I am new to the iste after lurking for a while. I look forward to reading everyones posts as well as asking questions of you all. My first questions are;
Is there a daily WOD text service\App that I can register with?
Is there a consensus favorite beginner program?

A little bit about me :-)
-46 YO
-6'5" 250
-body building and power lifting for close to 25 years
-Really bad at cardio!!
-Workout at home with olympic free weights (No machines)
-Workout in the evenings after work due to early morning job hours
-Really bad about eating. You would think someone my size would eat a lot but strangely that is not the case. What I do eat is usually not good.

Any feedback is always welcome.

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