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Re: Top 10 or so Athletes You'd Like to See at the Games

I'll pick current and old athletes.

Michael Jordan - Just knows how to win and has a killer instinct like no other.
Bo Jackson - Power, speed, strength and super athlete.
Deion Sanders - One of the greatest all around athletes in history. Crazy fast.
Carl Lewis - Sprints and jumping ability. The epitome of speed/explosion.
Pyrros Dimas - No explanation needed.
Alexander Karelin - Rumored to be more machine than man.
Dave Goggins - Discipline and mental strength.
Ashton Easton - If you hold a decathlon WR, you're good.
Brock Lesnar - One of the most athletic guys I've ever seen at that size.
Mariusz Pudzianowski - If it has to do with anything heavy, the GOAT.

Realized I need an 11th athlete since there is no crazy gymnast on my list. For that, I'll go with (and give the women athletes some love) either of the 2 Svetlanas from Russia.

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